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How To Install Pixelmon!

This will teach you how to install and setup Pixelmon!

Installing Forge:
  1. 1. Download The Forge Installer *Click Here*
  2. 2. Make sure to download Minecraft and run the version you are installing forge for at least once!
  3. 3. Then run the Forge Installer and then select install client form the options
  4. 4. After it finishes, open up Minecraft and select the profile "Forge" and login/test

Installing Pixelmon:
  1. 1. Pixelmon conflicts with some other mods, please get rid of other mods before installing Pixelmon
  2. 2. Download The Pixelmon Files *Click Here*
  3. 3. Open up "Run" or In the start menu search bar, type %appdata%
  4. 4. Open the folder Named Roaming, Then open the .minecraft folder
  5. 5. Drag/copy the Pixelmon files you downloaded into your .minecraft folder (the folder should be named "mods") If the mods folder is not their create one.
  6. 6. Once that has finished, Open up Minecraft and select the profile "Forge" then login and test if the mods are installed correctly!

Hoenn & Kanto Required Files:
Pixelmon 3.5.1

Video Tutorial:

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